lördag 10 september 2011

Day 21 -Walk the walk yourself

Had a great day! After my morning smoothie I went in to the city to hang out with my sister. We went to the farmers market and bought lots of fruits and veggies. I so love the fact that my sister has fallen in love with the raw food. She is almost more into it then me and today she told me that her boyfriend asked her to prepare a raw meal cause he wants to try it to....yehiiii. It feels great to be able to inspire others and especially the ones that I hold very close to my heart. One comment that I have got from almost all of my friends that I have prepared a Raw meal for is that they are very surprised how satisfied and full they feel afterwards even if they ate less then they would eating a "normal" meal. And why is that? I believe it is because the raw fruits, greens and veggies are so full of energy and so much more nurturing then the food that we have cooked the living he-- out of. 

Today I really feel I want to walk the walk (raw and healthy lifestyle + all the other stuff to:-) for myself but most of all to be able to inspire the people that I love so that they can live a healthier, maybe happier and longer life. I believe that is the only way to inspire others, to do it yourself!!!

My beautiful sister LOOOVE you!!!
Farmers market
Farmers market

Buona notte!!!!
Love you

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